^Nicole Langenfeld Ohne Worte - Interview - Nutz GmbH

No Words Needed with Nicole Langenfeld

Nicole Langenfeld was nervous when she came to the shooting. But our Partner Manager from Down Under quickly shook off her fear and answered our questions on her work and her impressions of German culture.

Name: Nicole Langenfeld

Department: Security Technology

Position: Partner Manager

With the company since: 2017


Working in Patrick Nutz’ team “Professional Services”, Nicole is responsible for our international partners and security vendors abroad. Her notebook and her ability to communicate are therefore her most important tools and skills for this job.

She has been living in Germany for 19 years now, but still cannot befriend German Schlager. Besides their sometimes peculiar taste in music Germans are also known to her for their accuracy and punctuality. Although she has adopted some typical German attitudes, she still loves to raise a toast to her Australian side with a glass of wine.

But in the end, nothing pleases her as much as the prospect of getting in touch with Australian security vendors for nutz.

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