Bender – Grünberg

Work done: Electrical installation, IT installation, Security technology
Customer: Faber u. Schnepp GmbH & Co. KG
Architect: Schmees Wagner + Sisaform
Engineering company: BFT R. Dorn GmbH
Area: ca. 8.500 m²
Construction costs: € 2,400,000


Work done
Complete electrical installation of the office building including security technology and network technology with the following specifications:

  • Electrical installation including web-monitored emergency lighting
  • KNX lighting control and monitoring
  • Fire alarm systems
  • BOS system as a fire department radio system with nationwide coverage
  • IT network incl. optical fiber Backbone
  • IP video system full HD indoor and outdoor surveillance
  • Access control system for the entire building and the individual office units as a separate client
  • Burglar alarm system

Particulars / Special features
Due to the individual design wishes of the client and the architectural office, the technology was the highlight. The entire building was built without a closed false ceiling, thus enabling the otherwise concealed electrical installation to be visible.