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Room climate  always optimally adjusted  thanks to room automation

Room automation is part of building automation. It takes over the automation tasks within an area/space. This enables the implementation of interdisciplinary automation functions and tasks within rooms. This simplifies operation for the user and significantly improves energy efficiency.

By means of different room sensors, a basic distinction is made between occupancy and non-occupancy by means of presence detection. Each office and designated special room (e.g. meeting room) is subject to an automatic mechanism, whose functions can be modified as required. Taking into account the thermal and hygric sensations of people, the room automation ensures an optimally coordinated relationship between the window blinds and HVAC systems in terms of thermal and olfactory comfort. The correlation between the daylight-dependent lighting control and the window shutter system also ensures visual comfort.


Advantages of room automation at a glance:

Perfect room climate through ...

-         Constant temperature, for example: the room temperature is constantly controlled to a variable set point value

-         Constant light for example: daylight-dependent lighting control

-         Room ventilation, air humidity, for example: controlled air exchange

High energy efficiency through

-         Detection of room occupancy or non-occupancy, for example: light is dimmed or switched off in case of prolonged absence

-         Detection of external weather influences, for example: light is regulated to the ideal value depending on the amount daylight. OR for example cooling: in the case of strong sunlight, the window blind is moved into position accordingly.

The New O3 System:

Your advantages at a glance

-         Optimum room comfort for individual requirements

-         Maximum cost and energy efficiency

-         One interface for the entire room automation

-         Modular and wirelessly expandable at any time

-         Simple and uncomplicated


Essential features of room automation

-         Weather protection

-         Sun protection

-         Sun automation

-         Thermal automation

-         Occupancy detection

-         Daylight and occupancy-dependent lighting control

-         occupancy-dependent room ventilation

-         Room climate control through eco and comfort mode

The various bus systems and protocols interconnect in the room.

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