Tasks of building automation

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Overview of the basic tasks of building automation

Building automation (BA) is the automatic control, regulation, monitoring and optimisation of technical building equipment (BTE). GA integrates heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, shading and other building technology into a smart overall system.

Plant automation / MSR technology

A modern, high-performance automation system is being installed to control, regulate and monitor the building's technical systems for heating, ventilation, cooling and electrical engineering. This ensures the smooth interaction of all trades and components and thus achieves energy-efficient and energy-optimised operation.


Room automation

Room automation is part of building automation. It takes over the automation tasks in the area. It is thus possible to realise cross-trade automation functions and tasks within the rooms. This leads to simplified operation by the user and significantly improves energy efficiency.


Management operating level

enteliWEB is a web-based building management software from our partner Delta Controls that makes it easy to connect properties in a networked infrastructure, facilitates the operation of technical systems and enables energy analyses to be carried out centrally


The goal of building automation is to achieve a high level of system availability and reliability in order to ensure safe operation for the operator. Energy-efficient and energy-optimised operation of all technical systems is achieved through the use of building automation that spans all trades. In addition to these goals, building automation should also make an important contribution to comfort and user-friendliness in the building. This is achieved by networking all actuators, consumers, control elements and other technical systems in the building. This makes it possible to realise all automation tasks.

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Building automation essentially pursues three goals:

  • BA should optimise the efficiency of the building - above all, reduce resource consumption and operating costs.

  • BA should increase safety for people and technology in the building.

  • BA should increase comfort in the building so that users and operators feel good in their daily lives.

For investors, the investment in GA is worthwhile. In a new building, it accounts for only about 1-2% of the construction costs. The small additional expense usually pays for itself after a few years. This is because the GA has a large savings potential in ongoing operation. In addition, smart, sustainable buildings with certification such as DGNB, LEED or BREEAM are in great demand on the real estate market. They enjoy high value stability even in times of crisis.

Our portfolio in the field of building automation:

  • Plant automation / MSR technology

  • Room automation

  • Planning and implementation of the entire building automation

  • Management and operating equipment

  • Control strategies for all systems

  • DDC systems and field devices

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