Intercom systems

Intercom systems: Comfort and security for your building

First impressions are crucial and begin even before you receive your visitors in person. With an intercom system, you can see who is visiting your company and can contact them directly via the intercom. Manufacturers offer a wide range of systems that impress with security and convenience, with a high-quality design that integrates perfectly into your building. The most common door intercom functions include microphone, loudspeaker and door opener. An additional camera expands the functions to include a high-resolution, real-time image of your visitor. There are almost no limits to the additional functions, whether keyless, entire door stations or door opening via app – you can be sure of your security all times.


Existing intercom systems or new projects

Door intercoms that are getting on in years no longer offer the same level of security as today's standard models do. We can replace or expand intercom systems, regardless of whether you use a system from Siedle, Gira, Jung, Ritto, STR or TCS. In collaboration with you, we can find the system that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Should you require a connection to an existing network and telephone system, we can also take care of this. Our technicians are very familiar with the manufacturer's systems and have years of experience in creating a perfectly functioning interface. In addition, our team of security technology experts can create further links to your access control, intruder alarm, or video surveillance system. You and your staff are therefore always optimally protected.


Customer service for long-term partnerships

A door intercom system and its interfaces should be checked regularly, just like any other electrical system. For this purpose, our customer service team is at your disposal. After all, for us, technology from a single source does not end with commissioning, but rather we aim for a long-term partnership with our customers. That is why we are happy to be at your side with our service team even after the installation of your system.

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