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Conferences and meetings are a part of everyday working life. Today, it is hard to imagine an office building without media technology. It does not matter whether the meetings take place in person or virtually, whether there are lectures, conferences or training events - reliable technical equipment is essential. However, the room technology must be well planned to meet all needs.

Whether it is a conversion of the existing meeting rooms, new conference rooms or networked systems – we can implement your multimedia system according to your requirements. We are happy to provide advice as well as installation and maintenance. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Multimedia systems in all types of rooms

Irrespective of how they are used, all room types should have one thing in common: good acoustics and central control of the media are the be-all and end-all.

Meeting rooms and conference rooms

Today, meeting and conference rooms are used for a variety of purposes and come in a wide range of sizes. From small spontaneous team meetings to long conferences or virtual conferences with external participants. The larger the room or the number of participants, the greater the media technology requirements.

The choice of technology depends on various aspects. The size of the room and the distance between the broadcast medium and the viewer determine the size of the screen or the choice of beamer and screen. The resolution often also depends on the application. In principle, everything is possible: from Full HD to 4K or even 8K. In addition, the audio system is important, because good sound is fundamental for successful meetings or video conferences.


Training rooms and seminar rooms 

In training and seminar rooms, the flow of information is usually uniform. Whether classrooms, lecture halls or training rooms - the lecturer stands at the front and speaks to his audience. Presentations are played back or content is noted on a screen or blackboard. These can be interactive and have a whiteboard function. The integration of multimedia content is also possible. 

In addition to frontal teaching, possibilities for interaction and group work must also be considered. In order for the image and sound reproduction to be clearly perceivable in the last row, the choice of audio system, microphones and image technology is important. Image transmission and streaming options can also be considered so that seminars or lectures run in parallel online.


Congress halls and event halls

For large congress and event halls, special measurements must be taken to ensure optimal sound quality. The requirements for this type of room are particularly high, because you want to offer all participants optimal conditions for successful communication.

The media and audio technology should be precisely coordinated as early as the conception phase in order to meet the requirements of both the stage and audience areas.


Huddle rooms

Small huddle rooms represent the other extreme. These rooms or alcoves function as meeting points and spontaneous meeting rooms. Online conferences are also possible here.

Flexible and intuitively operable media technology is required here. Because in addition to existing presentation media, such as digital whiteboards and video conferencing systems, it must also be possible to connect your own devices, (bring your own device) quickly and easily

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