At nutz we are convinced that values are the foundation of a good partnership.

This applies to all areas in which our company operates, but above all in the area of cooperation with our customers and our colleagues.

We also maintain a social responsibility in making our future more sustainable, equitable and environmentally friendly, by supporting social projects, clubs, local communities and schools.

Our responsible actions and future-oriented commitment in all areas are based upon the importance we place on our values:


“Honesty in all processes of the company
is the basis for a trusting cooperation.”

Honesty means to us:

  • transparency

  • objectivity

  • receptiveness

  • loyalty

  • credibility


“Our family friendly attitude defines
the Culture of our company”

Family means to us:

  • equal rights

  • trust

  • support

  • reliability

  • stability

  • understanding


“To commit oneself to health means to not only take seriously the work safety of our colleagues,
but to also pay attention to the health-friendliness of all installed materials when choosing our products for our customers.”

Health means to us:

  • processing sustainable, fair and healthy products

  • an ergonomic workplace design

  • the best work equipment

  • our company health management

  • a good work-life balance


“Joie de vivre (zest for life) means doing every day,
what we love doing.”

Zest for life means to us:

  • laugh together

  • celebrate success as a team

  • our profession is our vocation

  • enjoy the satisfaction of our customers


“For us, sustainability means conserving our natural resources while taking into account economic viability and at the same time fulfilling our social responsibility in society.”

Sustainability means to us:

  • Minimizing our CO2 footprint

  • Respectful use of resources

  • Recycling of waste products

  • Social involvement

  • Use of technical innovations


“To deliver the best performance means having the highest quality awareness in all processes
and in every single action of the entire nutz-team.”

Quality awareness means to us:

  • expertise

  • reliability

  • optimization of our processes

  • certifications

  • quality management


“Mutual respect from both inside and out and the careful use of all available resources
reflects appreciation in our company.”

Appreciation means to us:

  • praise and confirmation

  • promotion

  • fairness

  • respectfulness

  • friendliness


“Reliability is the basis for long-term trust and for us it means keeping our promises.”

Reliability means to us:

  • commitment

  • sincerity

  • punctuality

  • compliance with agreements

  • accountability