Blühwiese - Nachhaltigkeit bei der Nutz GmbH

Sustainability at nutz

Sustainability is not just a value for us. It means actively ensuring a better future today so that future generations can still benefit from our natural resources. Through our work, we contribute to making buildings more climate-friendly or even climate-neutral thanks to technical innovation and intelligent systems, and thus help achieve climate targets.

In addition, we take on societal responsibility by supporting civic projects, regional associations, local communities and schools.

Our headquarters produces its own electricity via a photovoltaic system. The vehicle fleet is state-of-the-art and is constantly being supplemented with electric and hydrogen cars. Thanks to the intelligent interlinking of all our systems, no energy is wasted; in other words, we are using building automation to make the future a little more sustainable and livable.

In May 2019, we were awarded the title of “Blooming Company” by the Bavarian State Ministry where our managing director's industrious worker bees are doing their part for more species protection and biodiversity

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