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Technology from a single source does not end with the handover of the electrical and safety systems. Complex systems must be checked regularly to ensure safe and trouble-free operation. We keep track of when your system should be serviced in accordance with the latest regulations. Maintenance or even the rectification of a malfunction requires a certain amount of experience with the system, which is why this work should always be carried out by qualified personnel.

Nutz GmbH’s service department consists of an experienced and certified team that is very familiar with the systems of all manufacturers. Regardless of which integrator has installed your system, we will be happy to take care of the maintenance, servicing and modernization of your intruder alarm, fire alarm or access control system, and much more. You will not receive standard contracts from us. Together we will work out which maintenance contract best suits your needs. In doing so, we take into account all legal requirements and your company’s Terms and Conditions. In these customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs), all services are transparently outlined. From the response time to the service flat rate, because our goal is that you have complete confidence in us.

You not only benefit from our services in Germany, but also throughout EMEA with our certified partners. In addition, we offer you all-round support for your security system - maximum protection around the clock.

If you have not yet arranged a maintenance contract with Nutz GmbH, we are there for you and will work on a solution to any problems that arise as quickly and with as little fuss as possible. Nutz GmbH and its branches are certified for the maintenance of standard security systems from different manufacturers. Thanks to a Germany-wide service and maintenance network, our service technicians also look after your security systems even if installation was not carried out by Nutz GmbH.


Regular inspection and maintenance is essential and even required by law, for certain building trades. To ensure the long-term functionality of your security system, our service coordinators will work with you to create an individually agreed-upon schedule.

Our service technicians trained for this purpose will then see to it that your systems continue to operate reliably.

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Nutz GmbH maintains security systems from various manufacturers. Our technicians regularly take part in training courses and further education provided by the manufacturers as well as in-house training.

Our portfolio includes:

Our internal product management always keeps the company at the cutting edge of technology.