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Technology from a single source – what does this mean?

Technology from a single source means that not only do we offer the complete technical portfolio of building technology (electrical engineering, security systems, building automation), but also that we take on your projects as a full-service partner. You do not have to work with different service providers, but get the whole package from us.

From planning and consulting to procurement, installation, commissioning, documentation and maintenance. We are there to support you in every situation and ensure that you are completely satisfied with your building technology.

Consultation & Planning – It all starts with listening

Working together with you, we listen carefully, understand and develop the best solution for your needs. No matter whether it is an electro technical installation, a security technology system or the installation of a building automation system. Right from the planning phase, we make sure that we realize your wishes and that all building standards and legal requirements are met. To ensure that your property remains attractive and state of the art for the future, we attach great importance to cost and energy efficiency that benefits you and our environment.

With optimal preparation, barrier-free planning and one-person contact, we guarantee the smooth procurement and installation of your systems.

Custom Solutions

Our certified technicians create your systems entirely according to your requirements and needs. In this way, we can guarantee that all systems, regardless of the manufacturer, are optimally assembled for you.

With this in-house customization of electro technical systems, we always have an individual solution ready for you. The next step is to install the systems and commission them.

Installation – Intelligent connections

After extensive planning, with the collective expertise of eight locations, our certified and qualified technicians can install your systems throughout Germany. Should you also require our building technology at one of your international locations, we can also take care of that with our local service partner network.

Thanks to optimal preparation, nothing stands in the way of on-time execution. With the installation of your electro technical or security systems, you can enjoy high-end building technology.

Commissioning – switch on and enjoy

Your systems have been professionally installed and are now ready to operate. Commissioning is the final touch, the final programming of all systems to your preferred settings. If required, these can easily be changed at any time.

Now you can enjoy the security your access control, fire alarm, intruder alarm or video system gives you, plus new insights into your cost and energy gains. You can perfectly showcase your vision, when you comfortably welcome guests at your intercom or disport state-of-the-art room automation and, the best WLAN connection or high-end media technology. Would you like to expand and modernize your system?

Request a copy of our detailed and professional documentation.

Documentation – Designed for the future

Dokumentation - Technik aus einer Hand - Nutz GmbH

Upon handover, you will receive detailed documentation containing all the important information about your system that is necessary for optimal support. Our documentation is created in-house by our own trained team, so here too there are no unnecessary interfaces or information losses between the communication of the planner, installer and documentation experts - everything from a single source.

With our documentation, not only is the past well documented, but future changes or adjustments can also be implemented quickly and easily. Essential if you are planning a modernisation or expansion of your system.

In the event of a malfunction, the history in the documentation can help identify the problem, allowing a quick solution to be determined. Our service & maintenance team is responsible for the solution.

Service and maintenance – In the best hands

A complex and highly networked plant requires regular maintenance. Security technology systems in particular, require regular maintenance cycles especially to meet legal and insurance obligations. Our team is available 24/7, upon request, to organize your service call-out or next maintenance appointment.

Do you have a security system that Nutz GmbH did not install? We are happy to help you by taking over your system’s service and maintenance. With individual service contracts and proactive maintenance, your system’s downtimes are a thing of the past.

Learn more about our service and maintenance options.

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Bender Grünberg

Electrical installation, IT installation, Security technology
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GfK – Growth from Knowledge

Security Technology & Electrical Installation
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Electrical installation, IT and Security technology
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Oberanger 16 – München

Electrical installation, IT installation, Security technology
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OTC – München

Electrical installation, data technology and security technology

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