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You can report your fault directly to #teamnutz using the form below. In urgent cases, our emergency hotline is available on +49 (0)8636 - 69 581 – 112.

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Please provide us with all data so that we can process your report quickly and efficiently. Your fault will be forwarded to our ticket system, which will keep you informed of the current processing status of your issue. An employee will then contact you as soon as possible.

If there is a name for the object / property / building, which we know of, please fill out this field
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If you are dealing with an incident of utmost urgency, we will handle your request with the highest possible priority and resources. Please be aware that in this case, additional fees apply. Feel free to contact our Headquarter in case of questions or critial incidents via +49 (0)8636 - 69 581 – 0.