Fire alarm systems

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Protect what needs to be protected with a fire alarm system

Fire alarm systems protect the people in your building, your property and your building itself. That alone is reason enough to install suitable fire protection systems.

In addition, fire alarm systems are often a prerequisite for the granting of building permits. Insurance regulations may also make a fire alarm system necessary. In particular, if there are assets that are particularly valuable and worth protecting, the insurer may require such a system.

The following three reasons, among others, can lead to the installation of a fire alarm system:

-         Building law requirements

-         Agreements with insurance companies

-         Protection needs of the operating company

How does a fire alarm system work?

When fire detectors identify a fire, the information collected is passed on to the fire alarm control center (FACP). From here, people in the building are warned, the authorities providing assistance are alerted and the various fire protection devices are activated. The latter can, for example, automatically close the fire doors, switch off the air-conditioning systems, activate smoke and heat extractors and switch on flashing lights.

Damage resulting from fires and the risk of personal injury can be significantly reduced by fire alarm systems.

What are the advantages of a fire alarm system?

Fire alarm systems with automatic detectors help to detect a fire at an early stage and thus accelerate the alarm and the extinguishing work.

  • Early detection of developing fires

  • Warning of persons in the building

  • Alerting the fire brigade

  • Activation of fire protection equipment

  • Granting of non-violent access to the building for the rescue forces

  • Reduction of false alarms

Consultation, planning and installation of your fire alarm system

To ensure effectiveness, it is essential to adapt the fire alarm system to the respective building and area conditions and requirements. Nutz GmbH is at your side to advise you and to create an individual concept for you. From planning, installation and documentation to service and maintenance, we are your competent partner for your fire alarm technology. We ensure that the installation of the fire alarm system complies with all legal standards and specifications.

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