WiFi coverage

Nowadays, good connectivity is a basic requirement for professional work and guarantees a smooth workflow. Besides modern network cabling, WiFi is the most important part of the network infrastructure.

When setting up a wireless network, it is essential to check the signal strength at all points in a building and identify possible sources of interference.

Why professional WiFi coverage is important

An analysis of the network is carried out by means of so-called WiFi illumination. A technician measures the relevant parameters of the WiFi network in order to optimize it. In this way, it is possible to plan the optimization of the network by adding new access points, for example, and to eliminate sources of interference.

Simply trial-and-erroring access point locations does not succeed in achieving reliable WiFi coverage. The WiFi frequency range is divided into different channels, which means that access points compete for the individual channels. If the access points are not optimally aligned, availability may deteriorate. Without targeted illumination, it is also not possible to achieve a certain bandwidth and signal strength in the entire area. However, this is a prerequisite for reliably connecting end devices.

For this reason, it is advisable to optimize your own wireless network infrastructure with the help of a WiFi simulation or WiFi planning.

We can help you with this, check your WiFi network and take over the illumination and planning of your premises.

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